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Creation and Destruction

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Ola! Sep. 7th, 2016 @ 01:51 pm
It's been a long time since anyone has posted anything here. I guess that's what happens when real life gets in the way.

Just a general, friendly update here and hopefully a chance to revive this community.

First thing is first here.

I have become a self-published author. Yay! I have four stories up, two of which are heavily Norse-inspired, and two which are strongly inspired by Star Ocean. Yes, Star Ocean and for my love of the Luther/Fayt pairing. So yay for all of that! I've bounced around quite a bit, too, between states no less, and have currently landed in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, so if you live near here and want to meet up, send me a PM, and we'll get something arranged!

Second, I'm running a long-term giveaway for Star Ocean fans. Cosplay as any character from the Star Ocean Universe, and I'll send you a free copy of my story, Portal to Gaming. Rules of the giveaway are as follows: You must send me a picture of you in your cosplay, and it must be recent, like within the last nine months. It doesn't matter the game - One through five - but I must be able to clearly identify the cosplays as from Star Ocean. Costume variants welcome, all characters welcome. Locations don't matter, either. Can be something you do on the weekend or for a convention. All photos from the last nine months are welcome.

You can post the pictures to the group, to the groups I moderate on dA (Star Ocean Universe, Star Ocean Couples, and Star Ocean Cosplay), to my facebook pages (Dragonfly Moonlight, Elise K. Ra'sha, Arc of Fantasy, the Star Ocean Project, and the Star Ocean Universe), in the comment to the journals, or send them to me via email (luthersfayt@gmail.com).

This is a long-term giveaawy. No deadline.

Finally, I want to do a 31 Days of Star Ocean Halloween Fiction. No contest, just something to get people inspired to do art or fiction or even cosplay shoots. Since is the LutherxFayt community, all stories, artwork, and photography must be Luther/Fayt themed. Right? Right.

I look forward to hearing from people soon!

Request for Halloween Oct. 20th, 2012 @ 10:56 am
Here it is, the 20th of October, and that means Halloween is just eleven days away!! Starting on the 24th (this upcoming Wednesday), I'll be counting down the days until Halloween, but I need help from my fellow Star Ocean fans! I'm seeking the following:

I'm seeking Halloween themed Star Ocean artwork, photography, and fanfiction to celebrate the holiday. Figures next to Halloween decorations, characters in costumes, and people dressed in cosplay with Halloween decorations in the mix are definitely welcome. Fanfiction should be kept to drabbles, short stories, and vignettes. Chaptered fiction will be accepted ONLY if the story is completed. I've failed to mention but everything should be kept at the PG-13 level. No nudity at all, and sexual situations MUST BE IMPLIED. I will not accept anything with explicit material. All games are welcome!

All submissions can be emailed to me at luthersfayt@gmail.com, and your help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello! Mar. 23rd, 2012 @ 10:40 pm
I will not say I'm new around livejournal . . . I've been around for many years . . . this user ID, though, is relatively new and specifically dedicated to the Star Ocean fandom, from the games to anime and manga. I seek fellow Star Ocean fans as friends and to join me at my personal journal for conversation topics. I'll be discussing all things Star Ocean - from conversation topics and merchandise to cosplay and fanfiction and fanart - so feel free to join me! Ask me what my thoughts are on something, and I'll certainly reply back, either in the comments section or in an actual entry.

Some Luther/Fayt goodiness! Jan. 20th, 2012 @ 10:45 am
Art winnings for posting a picture of the 10,000th page view for the Star Ocean: Till The End of Time fan club on dA.


Please enjoy and squee with me!

Welcome to the new year! Jan. 16th, 2012 @ 02:37 pm
Hope everyone had a fun and wonderful celebration for the holiday season. At least we know Luther didn't delete us at the end!

I wish I had something LuFay to post, but, unfortunately, I don't. I'll have to get something done and soon.

In the meantime, I'm wondering how many of us plan on attending an anime convention of some kind this year, and, if you are, do you plan on cosplaying as either Fayt or Luther? I know I'd love to attend Otakon for sure this year and cosplay as Fayt on that Saturday. If you plan on going, let me know! Maybe we can arrange a meet-up for a few!
Other entries
» Happy holidays everyone
I know it's quiet around here. Everyone's busy with one thing or another and I'm as equally guilty of it.

I am  planning on really getting my crafty side going (i.e., sewing, baking, crocheting, and the like) along with my geeky side. I'd like to make some Luther and Fayt plushies and perhaps crochet and/or sew a blanket depicting a scene with them. That would be awesome. ^_^

Anyway, hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday Season. May Luther not delete our world. XD
» Back again
I've updated Destinies Intertwined by Fate. You can read the latest chapter at fanfiction.net, archiveofourown.org, deviantart (I'm inuliana there; look for it as Destinies - title's too long for dA), and adultfanfiction.net.

I have NOT gotten to the Luther/Fayt parts yet. Each chapter is going to be five different sections, and the aim is 20 chapters, not including the prologue and epilogue. Also, I've only outlined the prologue, and Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 3 is started, but that's it. . . .

And a quick note: Not sure how many people here live in the Great Lakes region, but there's an anime convention being held in Traverse City, Michigan, called the Northern Michigan Anime Convention. It's running from September 9th through the 11th. I will be there all three days with one day potentially seeing me cosplaying as Fayt. Wearing street clothes . . . and heavily overweight . . . O_O We'll see if I can find any dark blue hair colouring spray before then. XD

After that, conventions I will be attending in 2012:


If anyone plans on attending them, give me a shout, 'kay? I would love to get a cosplay group together!
» Slightly off-topic here
I don't know how many people even come here anymore . . . I'm just curious with Otakon taking place soon, how many are going to be there? How many will be at Ohayocon in January? I won't be able to attend Otakon this year, but I want to try for next year. I'd like to get a cosplay group together. I know I'm going to make/find someone to make me a Luther cosplay outfit and a Fayt cosplay outfit.

Any thoughts anyone?
» I'd sniffle for the lack of activity . . .
But then I'm just as guilty for not logging into this account and posting since December 27, 2010 . . . ^_^' Oops.

And I really have nothing new to add in the fanfiction department, either. Kind of lame of me, I know. Instead, I'll post a link to all of my LuFay fanfiction at archiveofourown.org . . . http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Luther%20Lansfeld*s*Fayt%20Leingod/works

Mind the warnings on these, especially if you're not of an age where reading adult material is acceptable for your area. 

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, does anyone know where I can get some good screen shots of both Fayt and Luther? Not necessarily together . . . what I need them for is costume and plushie design, if I can ever jump start my butt into gear to get things done, namely the practicing of sewing and drawing in addition to writing.

Any and all help is appreciated. 

Thanks, guys!
» So I've received a shiny new CD for the holidays.

And there's a song on it that I think really fits Luther and Fayt. 21 Guns by Green Day. Anyone disagree?

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